May 30, 2019

How to start a new package with testing in R

# Navigate where you want your folder to be located setwd("C:/Users/chief/Documents/Github") # Assumes usethis is installed usethis::create_package("foo") # Say yes or no to next (annoying) popup window, it doesn't matter. # Add a test environment setwd("foo") usethis::use_testthat() # Add your first test function to at least get something in that folder. # Go to foo\tests\testthat # and add this file with a name that begins with 'test_' context("foo") library(foo) test_that("I'm testing something", { # do something with your code expect_equal(1:4, 1:4) }) # After writing a function with roxygen comments, roxygenize your package roxygen2::roxygenise() # Then click "Check" under RStudio's Build tab # You may get a warning about "Non-standard license specification". # To clean that up, see below. # Keep changing your code and roxygenizing until your package checks out clean.
# Once no errors, click "Install and Restart" next to "Check" and you're done.

You're Done! # Don't forget! # The only thing roxygen doesn't handle is, # whenever you add new functionality from another package, # you have have to change DESCRIPTION. License Assuming you just go GPL Open DESCRIPTION Replace "What license it uses" with GPL-3 | file LICENSE and put a file named LICENSE in the same directory as DESCRIPTION. For me, this file content sufficed Something about GPL but the GNU community would probably prefer you used the one here